Meeting you was a great day in my life Shekharji. You have given me a direction for my life I will definitely follow them with utmost devotion. Har Har Mahadev.

Sagar Langote - Pune, India

Thank you Mr. Shekhar for making me aware about my horoscope and the technical aspects of each segment of my life which I never knew! I truely apprecitae your patience and deep insight about astrology. I have written every prediction that you mentioned and waiting for them to come true. A big thanks!

Sneha Ramakrishnan - New York, USA
Air Hostess

Dear Shekhar I was elated for two days after our session. You transmit some powerfully good energy my friend. I have been trying on the new view of myself. I must say it is a VERY interesting exercise. Your chart interpretation was uncanny in its accuracy. Thank You so much and Namaste.

Delilah Luke - Louisiana, USA

Hello Shekar! It was amazing astrological experience with you over the phone. The way you analyzed my chart by going into the depth of each house was absolutely wonderful. Frankly speaking, I do not have much understanding about the subject, but you are very honest with your knowledge. Good luck shekar!

Arup Biswas - Chicago, USA

During my first phone conversation with Shekharji six months ago (Sept 2014), he seemed to me to be very confident astrologer. After getting my birth details he discussed approximately 25 points about my past, present and my personality and I will say about 20 of them are true, 5 may be so so. He predicted my future with 100% confidence & gave a timeline. He also suggested remedies according to my planets. I am waiting for time to come so positive things happen in my life. I will say Shekharji is very CONFIDENT, responsible, accountable person. He is my mentor and I wish him very best.

Neelam Jain - North Carolina, USA
Finance Manager

I had a superb experience in astrology session with Mr Shekhar. He accurately identified many events in life. He also explained basics of astrology during the predictions which were really helpful in understanding the rationale behind the predictions. He is humble and honest and makes efforts towards providing accurate and realistic predictions. Good to have consultation with him.

Ashish Kapadia - California, USA
Heart Surgeon

Dear Shekhar, thank you for the in-depth astrological reading. I am deeply grateful for your scientific explanations of the meaning of the houses and positions of the planets in my reading. I understand the short term and long-term implications for my Life and more about my specific Journey. I feel enriched from your knowledge!

Mana Patheja - Indiana, USA

My dear Shekhar, today the world know you as a Famous Astrologer and Spiritual Guru . But dear friend I know you from past 24 years as my school friend. I remember your school face today also. In school days you were average in studies but Superlative in Extra curricular activities than the other students. Am very much glad to have such a friend as Astrologer today. As you know that last year I met you in Jamshedpur at your residence that days were full of struggles and emotions to me. I shared my problems to you and you gave me correct predictions and perfect Gemstone to me which changed my entire life style, Now am living a peaceful life with my family. You solved all my problems related to my career. And I hope will help me always whenever I needed. You are doing a great work solving many people's problems by giving correct predictions to them. May God bless you and your Profession. I always pray for you to reach your all goals in your life. I hope will meet you soon. Once again Thank you so much dear Shekhar.

Debasish Pradhan - Jamshedpur, India
HR Director

Shekhar bhaiya my gurudev is a man with golden heart... i meet this fortune personality in Dhanori pune.. from that day my spiritual journey begin with him...the changes i felt and saw in my life was unbelievable and cannot be described in word's...bless to have you shekhar bhaiya in my life....For me he is a yogi chaturvedi shekhar chowdhary my god. Bhaiya I have never seen mahadev....i see mahadev in you. Har Har mahadev

Mayur Chavan - Pune, India

Guruji thanks for adding me in your world .... Guruji I will never forget todays day in my life,because today ...........I really can't find the words to describe what have you given me today... when I came to meet you I was under a huge pressure, tention, depress & what not,but when I started talking you I thought I am not talking to a person named as Shekhar but to my god to whom I worshiped till date. I am still wondering that how did i surrender in front of a person whom I am meeting first time .It was just a mesmerised experience you have took all my sorrow,pain,tention etc without knowing me I am still shocked how was I before coming and now I am felling so free so relaxed.I dont know how it happened. But really there is something magnetic in you, I have never experienced it before .I think today I got that, for which I was searching else were. there is many more to say but I can't write because word's have binding and limitations but emotions and experience has no binding. please forgive me if i have written anything wrong because my English is not so good..I have tried to express my feelings in words but I want to say more but my poor English is not allowing me to express more in short, but when time permits. I will verbally describe what I have felt about you... Thanks again guruji for considering me to be a part of your world....... Always keep your blessing hands on me....Har Har mahadev, jai shiv shankar.

Vidya Sagar - Pune, India
Banking Professional

Shekhar's purity attracts everyone towards him and so was I. I salute to the dedication he is having for Astrology and helping mankind. It's always pleasant and worthy to spend time with Shekhar. With great power comes great responsibility. This suits appropriately to Shekhar. He knows that person coming to him genuinely need help so he talk to people keeping that maturity and sense of understanding about the intensity and sensitivity of the issues. I am thankful to almighty who has given me a great friend philosopher and guide with whom we can openly share our innermost thinking. Shekhar, continue helping the mankind.

Tarun Lohiya - Pune, India
Chartered Accountant

True guidance is like a small torch in a dark forest, it doesn't show everything at once, but gives enough light for the next step to be safe. Shekhar's guidance is like a light in my life......long darkness of depression, sadness has become past for me now. I met Shekhar at that time when no one was there around to give moral support or guidance to come out from problems which I was facing in life. His trust towards my issues and his guidance, remedies through powerful rituals has given me success in's like........ it gives me a support that YESSS there is spiritual power.....there is someone to help, to bring me out from this darkness. A good person can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love for living a happy life. When I look back at my past not much behind just two years back what I was and what I am today makes me think if we are put in right track by a right person the SUCCESS is with us. There are many people whom we come across in spiritual path but to render right guidance is rare. I am glad to be guided by Shekhar and be in the path of success. I was a person who used to go to temple just for sake with tremendous questions in my mind but there were no worship feelings due to some bitter experiences in life. I never believed in Karmas but various practical examples given by Shekhar made me speechless. Yes, it's my destiny to meet Shekhar after lots of up and downs in life. After meeting him I had some wonderful experiences of spiritual path and I was once again back to this path with devotion where I was clue less for the things happening in my life. When Shekhar studied my patrika he said whatever in my life will happen it will be SUDDEN...... and YESSSSS I have experienced this many times in my life......being permanent in my job was SUDDEN.......and how can I forget to receive call from 'FEMINA' for makeover shoot........this was unexpected. Yes, I have started getting that happiness in my life which I was looking for.......Thank you so much Shekhar. Now, I don't have any insecurity cause back of the mind I know whenever I have any concerns I can always ask Shekhar for help. I feel blessed and I thank Lord Shiva for this.

Amarjeet Kaur - Pune, India

I always thinking about my self for what I did for human being but always result is zero. My searching start before 20 years ago for person who give me reason for human life & now it's comes to an end when I got my guru ji Shekhar. He give me moto of my life I always thankful to god to give best of the best guru ji..........Guru ji aapke charno me sath sath Naman.

Shekhar Kumar - Delhi, India
Marketing Manager

Unbelievable is only the word I experience first time when I met Shekharji and his predictions. Surely god and Karma plays vital role in human being life but a person like Shekharbhai really gives power to fight with Bad Karma and make us stand up. Thanks for being my mentor as well as friend. Whenever I met Shekharji I feel very Positive and forget all negative thoughts. He is the "Boost of Positive Energy". And he has the power to overcome any negative Aura. In short, he is the right person who can describe "Karma" perfectly

Rohit Shaha - Pune, India
Property Consultant

I know Shekhar Ji from past 5 years. I found the mobile number of him from Google. I called him up the Same day and gave my birth details to him. Prediction was excellent,cannot be explain in words. This is how my journey started with him. My mother is undergoing treatment with Tata Memorial Hospital. After she met shekhar Ji her improvement was faster and struggle was less. Things and path have become smooth for us. With all my heart and due respect thanks a lot for all your efforts shekhar ji.

Reeshav Kumar - Pune, India
Software Programmer

I feel your predictions are very correct and genuine. Your way of astrology is completely different than today's most of the so called astrologers. People should get the satisfaction end of the day from your way of astrology. Whatever you predicted for me came true amazingly, thank you so much Shekhar.

Shiv Bhattacharya - Kolkata, India
Sr. Software Engineer

I have been very impressed by Shekhar's astrological knowledge and his intuition is very good. I remember consulting him on a particular conflict that my family was going through and his opinion was very relevant and so were his astrological reasons as to why he felt so. He gave me an accurate overview of the entire situation and his honest guidance. Thank you once again Shekhar.

Kanika Kapur - Mumbai, India
Fashion Designer