Born and raised in the steel city of India - Jamshedpur, Shekhar Chowdhary is a man with versatile talents. In the year 2001, he shifted to Pune for higher studies where he completed Software Engineering and worked in Media & Communications. He travelled to USA multiple times for corporate trade shows and management training, where his career got international exposure too.

But, there was a sudden pull towards spirituality back in 2012 what he could not overlook and decided to quite from the corporate world, and embark on a spiritual journey to explore his life purpose.

Durung this caterpillar to butterfly transitional time, Shekhar travelled to major pilgrimages within the country in search of spiritual bliss. At last, he transformed into a new persona after an intense meditation inside Vasistha Gufa located near Rishikesh.

Soon after, he decided to dive into the ocean of ancient vedic sciences on his own to understand its core fundamentals. Out of many, vedic Astrology grabbed his attention and gradually he did profound research on this celestial Karmic science, what eventually made him a brilliant Astrologer and Life Coach.

Today astrology being his only profession, Shekhar is guiding people through his spiritual wisdom, and stunning astrological knowledge what he gained over a period of time! He also write articles for magazines and news papers, which are being globally appreciated.

Shekhar has been awarded for his excellence in various astrological conferences as a speaker. He is being associated with multiple NGOs working for saving the environment and wildlife. Shekhar is the founder of SoulSCIENCE, where he teaches spiritual sciences to all aspiring seekers and also conduct Full Moon Meditation.

"Astrology works like a small torch in the dark forest it doesn't show up the entire thing at once, but gives enough light for our next step to be safe. Don't be religious, rather be spiritual what gives as a sense of universal oneness", Shekhar concludes.