Born in the steel city of India - Jamshedpur, Shekhar Chowdhry grew up in a bengali brahmin family. He is a Graduate and holds a degree in Software Engineering and Graphic Designing. A gifted singer, impressive speaker, nature lover, meditation expert and a brilliant researcher of human psychology. Presently based in Pune, where he worked in Marketing Communications for over a decade also, travelled to USA and Europe for trade shows and brand management training.

Shekhar got fed up with artificial corporate life, so he decided to quit and explore his life purpose and the mysteries of the Universe through spirituality. He started reading ancient books on Occult sciences, and doing regular meditation in order to increase his intuitive psychic powers. Later on, he travelled to near about all the pilgrimages within India, and at last he found his spiritual bliss inside Vasistha Gufa at Rishikesh. Looking at all these sudden dramatic changes, he went to many astrologers just to know what's there in his birth chart, but most of them disappointed him with their sceptical predictions. So, finding no other way he decided to dive into the ocean of astrology and find out its actual depth on his own. Gradually, planets and numbers pulled his attention and he did profound research work on occult sciences, what eventually made him a skilled Astrologer and Life Coach.

Shekhar has been guiding people worldwide through his spiritual wisdom, and brilliant astrological knowledge what he gained over a period of time! He also writes for magazines and news papers, which are being widely appreciated. Shekhar has been awarded for his astrological excellence and selfless contribution towards several NGOs. Later on, he founded SoulSCIENCE, where he is teaching spiritual science and conducting Full Moon Meditation for free! Today, he is leading a lifestyle more of a yogi with elevated philosophical approach towards life.

Shekhar says, "I've experienced my life in many shades, and its been a transformational journey so far. Now, my objective is to guide people and make them believe in what they could become through the help of Astrology and Spirituality. We as a human beings are born with certain karmic objectives to fulfil in this present birth. Here astrology comes as a powerful tool, what helps us to explore the hidden Karmic codes within our individual horoscope. Don't be religious, rather be spiritual at all times. Make our common home - Earth a beautiful place to live in harmony with a sense of universal oneness. Har Har Mahadev."

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