Born and raised in the Steel City of India -  Jamshedpur, Shekhar is a Software Engineer by qualification. He worked in Media & Communications for 15 years in Pune, where he is based at present. Shekhar also did Management Training from Florida, USA.

While working in corporate world, there was a sudden pull towards spirituality what made him explore his life purpose by reading ancient scriptures along with profound spiritual practices. Shekhar says,"I've been to many pilgrimages in search of spiritual bliss what I experienced at Mahakaal, Vasitha Gufa, Tarapith and Kashi while doing Meditation".

Shekhar did profound research in Occult Sciences for over a decade, what made him a brilliant Astrologer and Life Coach today! Shekhar is No.1 Astrologer in Pune by Google Online Reviews. His monthly astrological forecast comes in Pune's most popular Lifestyle Magazine - CREME and he also write articles for various News Papers which are being widely appreciated.

He has been awarded on many ocassions for his in depth knowledge in Astronomy, Spirituality and selfless contribution towards NGOs working for the environment and orphan children. Shekhar conduct Full Moon Meditation and give motivational speech to aspiring spiritual seekers!

Shekhar is a true researcher of the paranormal world, and he is an ardent devotee of lord Shiva. Now his mission is to guide people with the help of Astrology combined with Spirituality. He is a gifted healer and a powerhouse of divine energies, which can be felt by his magnetic Aura.